We offer superior precision machining and superior customer service while maintaining our small company feel. We always get to know our Customers so that we provide them not just with Precision Machining but with a service they can depend on. We will work with you to provide the quality parts you need as well as promote cost and time saving methods through value engineering and material options.
We will always work to meet your timeline and your budget!

Our Experience Shows!

We have built and maintained an excellent reputation with our customers. We have increased our production while and our ability to keep up with the latest technology. Once you work with us you realize that we have policies and procedures in place that keeps your order on time and with the quality you expect. We offer free quotes on any plans or template parts you provide us and our prices are good for up to 30 days. Our experience has afforded us with an excellent customer base that allows us to take on smaller projects as well as your large quantity and special orders.



Our company is constantly evolving to create a productive and enjoyable work environment, where respect and honesty is the foundation to our success. This Mission Statement was created to structure our plans to incorporate every employee in our mission to provide quality products to our Customers while enjoying our workplace.

A Visionary Employer

Employees at our company maintain that an “Honest Day’s Work for A Honest Day’s Pay” philosophy will promote a productive atmosphere. This allows for transparency and integrity in a team environment where every employee is treated with respect.

All employees support this mission and are dedicated to the common purpose of the company’s success. We all feel responsible to achieving the company’s goals and share in the recognition and rewards of the company’s accomplishments.

Culture and Climate

Management models the behavior that is expected to create and maintain this cultural transformation and “walks its talk”. The company provides training and the ability to always move an employee’s career forward. An employee’s ability to gain knowledge and experience is only tempered by the employees desire to succeed.

We can and will make it happen!

Work Practices

The company always strives to provide a considerate and understanding ear when employees need assistance. This policy supports the both the company and employee with the knowledge that the key to ones success is directly tied to the other. Do what it takes to get the job done.

Machining Services & Specialties

At True Position, Inc. we always maintain high quality machinery that is on the cutting edge of technology.

o With machines like our Water jet we can provide high precision cuts on plastics and high grade metals.

o We provide you with Services such as Powder Coating and Anodizing without having to go through another company.

o True Position, Inc. can provide material certifications when specified and provides 100 % inspection on all orders.


CNC Milling
Water jet
Wire EDM


Water Jet
Heat Treat

“I highly recommend True Position for their ability to provide excellent machined parts services for any industry, they’re truly focused on quality, pricing & delivery of top notch tooling & parts. We recently tasked True Position with a complete takeover of our in-house machine shops to provide experienced machinists, staffing & tool sets for production tooling support for over 1600 machines running around the clock. They were able to absorb the workload & come up to speed on the culture & systems within 2 weeks-Outstanding Job !!”

Troy Brown- Autoliv

For quotes/PO’s and RFI’s please send use our Contact True Position Inc.. Thank you!

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