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Chris Woods
Chris WoodsPresident
True Position, Inc. was founded in January of 2006 by Chris Woods. Chris began machining parts at age 21 and worked 18 years at Hill Air Force Base. He has over 28 years of experience and believes you never stop learning advancements to improve cutting parts, and increase both production and quality. Chris values his employees and supports their everyday efforts to expand their knowledge and abilities. Chris is responsible for our great Customer Relationships as well as providing competitive quotes and fast lead times. 801-731-5405
Clint Geilmann
Clint GeilmannShop/Production Team Lead
Clint Geilmann has worked with Chris Woods since 2001 and joined the team at True Position in 2007. He is experienced on all the machines used at True Position and is always working to expand his knowledge and train on any new program or machine we use. Clint joined the company due to his trust and respect for the Owner Chris Woods and has been a successful addition to the company.
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Our Valuable Team Members

Kavin Kirk
Kavin KirkProduction Material Cutter
Kavin Kirk has over 8 years of experience as a machinist with 5 years of Production Management success. He joined the True Position Team in June of 2010 due to our ever growing success. Kavin has implemented a Production schedule that has increased our output as well as our quality. He is our Quality Assurance Manager as well and is responsible for our 100% assurance that all parts are inspected and machined with the highest level of detail.
Dylan Eddy
Dylan EddyProduction Material Cutter
Dylan has worked with True Position since 2007. He is responsible for all material orders and expediting jobs through our shop. He is currently attending Weber State University to retain his degree in Engineering.
Christine Woods
Christine WoodsShipping/Receiving Manager
Christine Woods joined True Position in 2007 as a Material Handler- She began cutting material and overseeing the deburring and tapping for parts. She began managing the shipping of parts and she is now the Shipping and Receiving Manager. She is responsible for the packaging and implementation of our expediting process. When asked what her favorite thing about her job is she say’s “It’s working with people”.
Chad Moffitt
Chad MoffittShop Swing Shift Team Lead
Chad Moffitt joined True Position, Inc in June of 2009. He specializes in Mill work and has over 13 years of advanced machining experience. He is our True Position Shop Swing Shift Team Lead and is responsible for managing employees and jobs throughout the swing shift increasing our job productivity and allowing our Customers the overnight turnover on parts that other Machine Shops cannot perform
Brittany Beckstead
Brittany BecksteadOffice Manager/Accounting
Brittany joined our company in the beginning of 2010. She has brought with her over 3 years of administrative experience, and business knowledge. Brittany is a vital team member as she manages all accounting, job order, and human resource activities.
She has increased our production by implementing time saving procedures, and has secured our customer relationships with her friendly, and helpful attitude. She is also attending college to get her Bachelors in Business Administration, and Accounting.